Most frequent question answer

our courses are addressed to those who are interested
mainly addressed to women
age limit 40 years
hearers admitted
course frequency accordance at enrolment
maximum schedule flexibility – evening and weekend included
each course maximum applicant number: 20
course beginning: always
inferior high school degree
foreign language basic knowledge ( for destination abroad )
phisical ( mainly hand ) disability absence
course lenght: 8 to 10 weeks according to the frequency chosen
no prior gaming knowledge required
C.F.C. introduces you directly to Casinos or/and cruise ships
that are to recruit gaming personnel at course completed
many requests from cruise ships
C.F.C. new site:
see multimedia for the reference you seek
courses location:
Milano – Abano Terme – Roma – Torino – London – UK – Zurigo
criminal record must be ok.
no colour blind admitted
croupier course price: 2.100,00 £ plus Tax (texas incl.)
dealer course price : 700,00 £ plus Tax
3 payment possible
summer courses only if required
all our instructors have a proved curriculum
as dealers and Casino managers
for next selection apply via e mail and indicate
the city you prefer