POKER Texas Hold’em training  : 2 – 4 weeks 

In this class you will learn to deal Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Low, and Tournament Play in every variation, and at a high level of proficiency.
Students who graduate this class will have the skills necessary to audition and deal in any major casino.

Basic procedures you will learn in our Poker class:

  • Rules, dealing procedures and terminology for Stud Poker, Hold’em and Omaha Hi/Low Poker as played in the casinos. This includes Tournament Play.
  • Rank of cards and hands.
  • Mechanical skills: scrambling, shuffling the cards, cutting the deck, holding the deck, pitching cards, burning a card, spreading the flop, check handling, cutting checks (chips).
  • Table stakes, player buys-in, how to handle cash and make change.
  • Betting structures and limits, raises, string bets and string raises, completing the bet.
  • Calling out the action, announcing bets and raises, “option” to the blind, number of players, “last card”.
  • Dealer’s bank organization, counting the bank, getting a set-up, getting a fill, use of lammers
  • Tracking the total money in the pot, taking the rake at 5% and 10%, Jackpot rake and procedures.
  • Pot appearance, gathering the antes.
  • Game protection, protecting the pot, protecting the players.
  • Oversize chips, changing cash, soft breaks, when quarters play, folded hands, All-In bets, one side pot, multiple side pots, splitting the pot, raking the side pot.
  • Straddles, missed blinds, dead button, dead blind, dead money.
  • Counting down the stub.
  • Playing behind, betting “on the piece”.
  • Changing dealers, table line-up, break tables.
  • Controlling the game, pacing the game, when to call a floorperson.
  • Going for a job interview and audition, getting started on the job.
  • Characteristics of a Professional Poker Dealer.