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Since 1991 "Centro Formazione Croupier" have been operating in the casino industry.
From the beginning we have collaborated with most of the major casino operators in the world, providing personnel for both new starting and still existing casino operations, also supporting any sort of event marketing.

As "Centro Formazione Croupier" we have been the first in Italy and so we know the field betterthan any other executive search firm in our country.
The comapny principals have worked intensively in gaming, and understand the job requirements of management positions and the organizational structures of most gaming companies.

Our extensive network of contacts includes most senior executives in the industry, and ours years of industry experience give us keen insight into the unique corporate culture of each gaming company.

Las Vegas Expo 2011
In short, "Centro Formazione Croupier" have the corporate connections helping you to find the right people to work with and executives with the experience you are looking for.

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